Dark Stellar Legacy

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Uthraith Tauri-star

Book two in the Dark Stellar Legacy

The team returns to their head quarters to face the displeasure of the powers that be. While facing the judgment of those in power, Uthraith navigates a political world he doesn’t understand. Scythia explores a physical world she doesn’t remember. Djaem starts making plans in a new criminal world. Raza tries not murder them all while she tries to enjoy her rest time.

New arrivals insure that nothing will be going according to plan. A whole new kind of danger is hanging over the team while they try to balance safety with Uthraith’s new appetite for intrigue.

Scythia Protostar

Book one in Dark Stellar Legacy

Welcome to the Dark stellar Legacy

In deep space even the smallest flame is a star.

Scythia: Protostar is the first book in my Dark Stellar Legacy series. It is a new pulp style adventure.

An ambitious bureaucrat has brought together an unusual team to help him rise in power. In a world so dark that the only way to get ahead is by taking them. He has worked hard to gain the loyalty of the cunning and beautiful, Raza. He has found Uthraith, the deadliest headhunter from the far feral reaches of space. It took months of searching but he finally caught Djaem, the best hive-master rogue in the inner-sectors. And at last… he found it… His secret weapon. Scythia, a broken psychic from the Citadel.

Can this batch of imperial criminals, cooperate long enough to complete an assignment? Only time will tell.

Join them on their first mission, as they are sent to a hive mining colony to gather Intel and contain a Tyrling demon. Now he just as to hope that they will return intact with the colony still standing.

http://emgarner.net/about.html Cover By: Elisabeth Garner

Goodreads Reviews.

Tara Tappin‘s review Nov 06, 2021
it was amazing
I love a strong female character. This book has two! This book is not of my usual reading genre, but it kept my attention and made me eager to find out what happened. The relationships between the 4 main characters were each unique and interesting. The story was unique and intriguing. If you like good character development, strong characters, thought-out plots, space travel, the rise of an underdog, friendship, and action… Give this book a read. You won’t be disappointed!

Bonnie Egerer rated it it was amazing

Man. This book. SO GOOD. First, it’s a relatively short read. Roughly five-ish hours. You can read it in a long afternoon in, which is PROBABLY what you will want to do. There are no lulls in this book. It’s a story about a ragtag group of “undesirables” thrown together to complete missions- or else. They’ve got no other options- at least not any ones they’d be willing to consider. Each of the four main characters is written with so much personality, it feels like you really get to know them. I also love when a third person story is injected with as much personality as this one is for the narrator’s part. It’s fantasy, it’s sci-fi, and it’s interesting from start to finish. Oh, did I mention hilarious?

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